Saturday, June 14, 2008

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Everyone knows that the Forex market holds tremendous potential for profits. With more than $3 trillion dollars being traded every single day in the market, capturing even a miniscule percentage of these profits would turn one into an instant millionaire.

But it is obvious enough that becoming a millionaire in Forex trading is not an easy task. After all, if it was to easy to become rich in currency trading, then why doesn’t everyone manage to do it?

The Best Kept Forex Trading Secret

I may become extremely unpopular with what I’m about to reveal next, but it’s the truth you’ll need to understand this if you want to become a consistently profitable trader.

The best kept secret in profitable Forex trading is denial.

Like most other things in life, people always wish for there to be some magical short-cut to becoming successful. We will always wish for there to be an easy way to accomplish our dreams and desires.

For example, when we want to lose weight, instead of exercising regularly and eating healthy meals, we try to ‘cheat’ by ingesting expensive diet pills and paying for premium gym memberships in the hope that we will lose the extra pounds. As you know, in the end, the only winners of this deal are the pill sellers and gym owners.

And this is exactly what’s happening in the Forex market. The lazy traders who think they can make easy money are promptly ‘swallowed up’ by the traders who put in the hard work and extra effort.

So stop being in denial. Stop telling yourself that there’s some magical way to suddenly become rich. You can certainly become wealthy by trading currencies, but I can assure you that this won’t happen if you keep spending money on magical ‘automatic trading systems’ that claim to make you lots of money without any work on your part.

The people who really make money in the Forex market are those that rely on the natural human tendency of denial.

Don’t fall into this manner of thinking!